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What do you know about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle | Newsyel

What do you know about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle?

What do you know about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle | Newsyel

The Bermuda Triangle is a mythical part of the Atlantic Ocean, also known as the "Devil's Triangle". Dozens of ships and planes have disappeared, and many refuse to consider these accidents a coincidence.

The Bermuda Triangle has seen as many as 50 ships and 20 planes disappear from view. Most of these disappearances have no wreckage found, except for some completely deserted ships, for no apparent reason.

Despite everything that is said about the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle and its events, there are those who assert that with the in-depth research of these events, they become less mysterious and confusing. The researcher will find that some cases of disappearance did not occur in that region, and that many other cases of disappearance have been explained logically and scientifically, and attributed to human errors or environmental influences.

Where is the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is located in an area in the North Atlantic Ocean (approximately). It is bordered by the southeast coast of the United States, Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico).

The Bermuda Triangle is a hypothetical patch of ocean water located off the coast of North America, in the far north of the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, there is no actual agreement on the area, location, or shape of the Bermuda Triangle.

The US state of Florida, the Greater Antilles (a tropical archipelago, the most important of which is Cuba), and the Bermuda Islands (a small archipelago part of Britain).

Currently, thousands of ships and planes pass through the triangle to move between the United States and the Caribbean islands, or to move across the Atlantic Ocean. The triangle is located in a vital region for navigation in the North Atlantic Ocean, and there are no newly recorded incidents of trips through it. Although many scientific studies have been conducted, no special reasons have been found in the Bermuda Triangle that make it dangerous or different from the rest of the world, but many non-scientific theories are still trying to explain the historically recorded disappearances in this place.

The Bermuda Triangle does not appear on any map of the world as a location, as many official institutions consider it a fictional area. For example, the Bermuda Triangle is neither recognized nor maintained by the United States Board of Geographical Names as an official area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean, which is generally an unknown extension of the ocean.

What is the area of the Bermuda Triangle?

The exact boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle are not universally agreed upon. Estimates of the total area range from 500,000 to 1,500,000 square miles (1,300,000 and 3,900,000 square kilometers).

Why was the "Bermuda Triangle" called by that name?

As already mentioned, the Bermuda Triangle does not exist on any official geographic map. However, with all approaches and estimates of the area that witnessed mysterious disappearances, it had a triangular shape, so it was named after its shape.

Theories to explain the work of the Bermuda Triangle

Weird weather formations: It is a really strange theory that predicts that the weather in this region is significantly different from the rest of the regions on Earth. The theory is based on the increased density of clouds in this region, which causes many severe storms due to the currents of warm and cold ocean air. But this does not explain the disappearance of individuals and debris, at least for the pieces that emptied the Bermuda Triangle area.

Deviation of the magnetic field: All the accidents that occurred in this region, before its disappearance, spoke of a clear defect in the electrical devices and navigational compasses. The strange thing is that in the 19th century, the compass was operating in this region very naturally without any vibrations, which means that the Earth's magnetic field in this region was normal.

Atlantis: There is a theory that suggests that the legendary city of Atlantis was in this place under water. This theory is based on the fact that there is a large density of energy crystals that were used by the city for fuel, which leads to a malfunction in aircraft and ships' devices in the Bermuda Triangle area. This theory is related to the recent discovery of a large crystal pyramid in this region. I also found some strange and irregular rock formations, so there is some research working on it now, the Bermuda Triangle

Yufu (Alien): Another theory suggests that some aliens landed on Earth in a UFO. These creatures have created a time gap that transports everyone who enters their range to the land of these creatures or transports them to the headquarters of these creatures in the Devil's Sea near the coast of Japan, in which the same strange cases of disappearance of ships and planes occur in the Bermuda Triangle.

Secret government tests: Some Americans believe that the Bermuda Triangle was the result of a mistake in secret government experiments, as this area contained a restricted area called Area 51, which was called AUTEC, meaning the Atlantic Center for Undersea Tests, which is located on Andrew Island, one of the Bahamas, in the middle of a triangle. The main objective of this laboratory was to invent a weapon more powerful than what can be known in human history, but the government insisted that this laboratory is just a natural laboratory in which the ocean is studied and underwater technology is developed.