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The dangerous Russian actions and the Ukrainian president announces them to everyone|newsyel

Russia's dangerous actions

The dangerous Russian actions and the Ukrainian president announces them to everyone|newsyel

Russian helicopters depart from Belarus and attack a military airport near Kiev, targeting Ukrainian smuggling in less than a day after the invasion.

The roads were crowded with people fleeing the horror of war. People flocked to gas stations. They crowded the ATMs to withdraw their money. Everyone is preparing for the most difficult days in the lives of the Ukrainian people.

Only 100,000 refugees from De Nebas entered Russia to escape death due to the military escalation, the Russian authorities say that among the refugees are more than 31,000 children, Russia will offer them the possibility to complete their education in its schools until they return to their homes after the end of the military operations, and the heavy flow of refugees to Russia has stopped Civil aviation in southern Russia and throughout Ukraine due to the situation.

Civilian planes stopped and airports closed. Hundreds of stranded people have lost their destination. Oh my God, what is this happening, and what kind of madness is this that the Ukrainians say, and the mouthpiece of those stranded about travel says: (No one tells us what is happening, or what will happen with our planes and where we go, we have nowhere to go, no one answers us).

The Russian Federal Security Service officially says that 46 Ukrainian border guards left their posts and headed to Russia... (a wave of population displacement and a large flight of soldiers).

Experts say that the greats do not enter a war between each other, and this is the case of America in the face of the Russian invasion, because no one wins a world war, but everyone will lose... But wars other than that (possible and existent) and the arms race are legitimate.

All options are still on the table, and the question now remains: Will Ukraine spark a third world war? The Ukrainian army explicitly accuses the Belarus army of incursions into the northern axis of the country, the Khar-Kev axis, the battles are raging in the north of the Crimea, (a threat to Putin after the military operation in Ukraine). To America).

The summary of Putin’s words to justify the invasion step is that: Russia took all options 30 years ago, before moving to war through negotiations and diplomatic means and persuasion with NATO not to expand to the east, but Russia met with lies and deception, Russia cannot remain idly by while it sees how its security is being exposed. The danger... (the most prominent areas of bombing and explosions) Explosions in different regions of Ukraine,

Russia targeted airports and military headquarters in the capital, Kiev, with cruise and ballistic missiles. And large explosions in the city of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine.. A large and loud explosion was heard in Khar Kaif, the second largest Ukrainian city, shook the region in the early hours of the morning..Rockets also hit the city of Dnipro in the center of the country, according to Ukrainian officials, while in the south, Russian forces landed in the coastal city of Odessa on Black Sea. Heavy artillery bombarding Ukraine from the Russian and Belarusian borders, and at least 10 attacks were launched, most of them on the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, amid the targeting of many aircraft at Ukrainian airports (reactions follow) World Food Program

The war is an absolute disaster and we expect the prices of food, fuel and freight to rise... The first appearance of the President of Ukraine since the start of Russia's military operation against Ukraine. He called on the people not to panic and to stay in their homes. Announcing the beginning of the implementation of the customs of wars... (The state of emergency for a period of 30 days in all parts of the country, except for the two separatist regions, came into effect at midnight on Wednesday morning Thursday local time. The state of emergency includes a personal examination of documents, and prevents military reservists from leaving the country, giving the government the power to impose a curfew) while the commander of the Ukrainian army, Major General Valery Zaloghny, said that he had received orders from Zelensky to inflict maximum losses on the "aggressor" Russia.

The Ukrainian army stated that it had killed about 50 Russian "occupiers", but this number was not verified by another source. (Sanctions on Russia), the Russian side: (There is no doubt that our response to these sanctions will be strong. Not exactly the same, but it will be thoughtful and sensitive for the American side) in return. Biden admits that US sanctions will also hit his country's economy... The new US sanctions included sanctions against a banker (promsvyazBank, VEB Bank) and included the Russian sovereign debt and included 5 Russian individuals with their families and included the North Stream 2 project, while European sanctions targeted 27 Russian individuals and organizations, including banks, and targeted 351 Member of the Russian State Duma (EU banned from trading Russian bonds).

The most prominent response came from Britain... British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: I am surprised how Putin did not think that his invasion of Ukraine would make Russia a pariah country. Johnson said: There is a country that is trying to redraw the borders on the European continent through bloodshed. He added: I called a meeting of NATO leaders tomorrow and warned that this invasion will have global repercussions. And Johnson added: We will continue to pressure Russia to get it out of the global financial system as soon as possible. Johnson added some fiery statements, here are the texts of them:

The Russian oligarchs will have nowhere to hide in London. : We will impose a ban on the export of dual-use goods to Russia and will disable its capabilities for years to come. We will announce an unprecedented package of sanctions to isolate Russian banks from the British financial system: I strongly support Berlin's decision to freeze the Nordstream gas pipeline.

We must stand up to this barbaric adventure of Putin, which must lead him to failure. The news continues and developments continue regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, awaiting the response of Kiev's allies and the sanctions that may change the course of the crisis if implemented. We have arrived in the capital, Kiev.