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How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube 2022 | newsyel

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How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube 2022 | newsyel

First I want to tell you some of the challenges you will face as a newbie. YouTube Creator Since you are just getting started with your YouTube channel, YouTube doesn't have much information about how people will interact with your content at scale because of this, you have to be very intentional about the content you release and how that content is released.

Important note

You can get totally successful youtube videos when you first start, as you don't have to get a certain number of subscribers for your youtube videos to be successful but your chances of posting content on youtube that consistently gets a great response will depend on the information that I am prepared To share it with you starting right now with number one identification for who you're creating content at the moment.

You can get nitty-gritty with this but at least you only have a basic level understanding of who you're trying to reach with the videos you put for example your audience could be people trying to get better at the call of duty or your audience could be people who like making things out of the phone Or your audience could be young entrepreneurs who are making money but they don't know what to do Do it you get the idea and like I said before you can really dig into this but at a very basic level,

get youtube subscribers

You want to make sure that you have at least some direction as to who you're making the content for then, when you come up with video ideas, you want to run them through that filter and ask these specific questions why this video resonates with the audience because I'm trying to get to the value that Viewers will get it from this content.

making the video thumbnail to ensure that my target audience can determine that this content might be something that interests them what might be good information and/or a compelling title that will make that intended viewer click on the topic of the specific video or in other words when someone clicks on that video,

What am I going to do at the beginning of the video to help people know that they have clicked on the right video to give them some information to actually get them in the content so they end up watching the videos for a longer period of time and of course you want to decide if you are targeting that video towards youtube search or not and the reason you want to do So.

is that you can make sure that you do the right research for it and make sure that you are following specific keywords or keyword phrases that you can compete for the next thing you want to do if you are trying to get a thousand subscribers and more is make sure you learn how to read your youtube analytics now You don't have to dig into this especially if you are just starting out but even if you are getting 10 views or 100 views or a thousand views on a video you still want to dig into your youtube analytics so you can start to get an idea of ​​how People respond to what you do and why you want to do this because content creators often think their videos are really cool,

And one of the things you'll get from the data might be how audiences respond to what you're doing While your thumbnail title might be great, it might not necessarily resonate well with a group of people and the same goes for your video content, it might be Really good, but it might not be good for a group of people because of that.

How to grow your YouTube channel

If you want to grow your channel and you want to reach audiences, you have to make sure that you pay attention to how audiences respond to what you do within your analytics I will find out the most important things I will tell you now what are those things that you need to focus on when you start first thing is click-through rate is how often people click on your video compared to the number of times youtube views people on youtube and when youtube shows your content to someone on the platform it is called just impression so you know the next important metric that youtube will show you in your youtube analytics this Very important if you are trying to grow your YouTube channel,

Your Audience Retention Reports

It's a second to second indicator of how people respond to your videos on average eg in the audience retention report If you find out that most viewers leave in the first few seconds of your video, it tells you that you really need to get bored of that part The opening statement from your video If you're looking at audience retention reports and you've noticed pullbacks in certain parts of your videos,

These are the places where people end up leaving your video if you see regression and then it appears on the other side which means people are skipping that part of your video and when you see big spikes it can come from people rewinding parts of your video and from People who share your video at that specific time so when you look at your audience retention reports and you see all this information,

You understand how people respond to what you create so you can look for these problem areas and you can fix them in future content you post in our analysis cs youtube also shows us our screen click rate which is also another important metric and why this is important is that if someone arrives to the end of your video and YouTube shows it an element of your end screen that you've selected and people click on it,

This is just a great indication that people are into your content enough that they want to watch more than one video at a time, all the things you just listed are available to you with less than a thousand subscribers even with a brand new channel when you post your first videos, So make sure you care about it because these things will help you learn how to create better content that gets clicked more and the better you get at creating content that gets a higher percentage of people completing your video and a higher percentage of people clicking through, the better your channel will perform. better and faster,

The next thing you need to do on your way to your first 1000 subscribers is to make sure that you are very deliberate about the content you release and where you try to get views from here what I mean on youtube there are quite a few ways you can get views you can get views From youtube search you can get views from home pages or home feeds on a mobile device you can get views from suggested videos,

You can get views from subscription feed and of course you can get views from outside youtube by attracting people to youtube using social media and also through other external sources like google for example,

So when you post your content try to be intentional about where you are trying to get your views and see you will eventually get views from all the places i just mentioned but if you are trying to drive traffic from the homepage and from suggested videos then the The way you go it will be a little different, your topic titles and thumbnails need to be more compelling and for a wider audience within where you are posting where if you are targeting youtube search,

The best tools to increase subscribers and hours well


It will basically help you to optimize your videos for search, it will help you to find the right keywords and keyword phrases that you have more chance to appear plus they have 89 other tools that will help you in your youtube channel so you can try it for free through the link in The description is below but anyway let me go into a little bit more detail about the target thing I'm talking about here just to make sure you capture it clearly so we can make sure you get your first 1,000 subscribers soon if you're targeting homepages and suggested videos rather than a title that says something Like how to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in no time,

The point you're targeting is when you go after a keyword or keyword phrase and you intentionally target youtube search, it's a little easier in this particular case to earn the click because you're only competing with other videos out there on a similar topic and people actually have to scroll a bit to find more And more videos on that specific topic and the viewer is literally searching for your content so it's very easy to get people to click on it when it comes to youtube search but when it comes to homepages and suggested videos you are competing with a bunch of other random content they think youtube that certain viewers may also be interested in,


A tool helps in obtaining keywords to top the search results. The important and most important tool must be installed for each of the channel owners, as it allows you to know the keywords of many other channels and avoid the words of others in order for these search engines to publish the image of the tool.

But more importantly, that particular viewer is logged into youtube and they don't even expect to see your content or see your content, so you need to make sure that you are more persuasive so you can compete against all that other content that youtube thinks might The viewer loves it and if you're a gamer if you're creating content like let's play and things like that,

An important explanation for increasing subscribers and hours

If you're trying to get your first 1,000 subscribers or if you're just trying to grow your channel faster is making sure that you're linking to relevant videos and that your end screens pin comments and for that reason, if someone clicks on your video, it qualifies Same as someone who is interested in the topic you made this video about if they make it to the end of your video that person qualifies as someone who is interested in the topic but someone also enjoyed your video enough to make it to the end so when you choose videos to link in your pin comments, cards and links end screen,

Start thinking about your content in groups and the reason this is important is that what you want to happen on your youtube channels is you want someone to come and watch a video the first time they interact with your content, you want them to watch that video and you You want them to enjoy this video of course, and if they are enjoying this video there is a really good chance that YouTube will find out and when they find out that the next video you post will most likely be introduced to that particular viewer either suggested next to another video or in the subscription feed or on their homepage Because of this,

You want to start thinking about your content in groups of three to five videos because if someone comes and watches one from youtube you want to make sure that the next video you watch is a video that person is more likely to enjoy because if that viewer comes and enjoys with your video, youtube will probably suggest the next video for it, it will increase exponentially,

Putting playlists together for each of those groups that you collect and you want to make sure that you link to those on end screens and your pinned comments and cards anytime you want to link to a video you want to make sure you link to that particular playlist of videos in that playlist And from the playlist this is important because youtube loves it when people hit your youtube channel and immerse themselves in watching your content and all you do in this scenario is you create an environment for people to come to one video and then find the latest content on your channel easily and also potentially enjoy it,

And if you can create this experience for your viewers and YouTube shows that people are enjoying your content, this is how you can get youtube to keep showing your content to more people for the next step once you start doing all the other things I'm talking about You will start getting more views for your videos because you will pay attention to how well you get people to click on you, you will pay attention to how well you get people to watch and you will tweak things to create better content for your viewers until you start getting more views,

You will start getting raw data to work with in your youtube analytics so make sure you pay attention to that data this data is your golden ticket to youtube it will lead you to success as long as you care about it and are willing to tweak things a little along the way pay attention to The average percentage seen and click-through rate compared to the impressions you get, you also want to make sure that you pay attention to your on-screen click-through rate as well because for people who complete your videos like I mentioned before, You want to make sure they click and watch more content because they enjoy it but that's the thing about YouTube even if you're not using end screens,

But even if you don't use end screens on your videos, YouTube can still put other videos in groups you group together in the next place or they can recommend placing them next to your other videos on the platform if you focus on getting people to On clicking and getting people to enjoy your content by reading audience retention reports these two things in and of themselves will have a lot of weight for how your channel performs in general, the next really important thing to pay attention to if you are trying to get your first 1000 subscribers on your youtube channel is to pay attention to which videos are generating the most subscribers on your channel too if you go to your youtube analytics and sort by subscribers,

From top to bottom it will show you the videos that attract the most subscribers compared to other videos. They attract the most subscribers but also look at the topics of these videos as well because some topics will convert subscribers at a higher rate than others, but in general, if you are trying to get into the partner program you just want to make sure that you pay attention to the videos that attract The most subscribers and the videos that attract the most watch time so you can hurry up and meet these requirements so you can go ahead and start making some ad money from your content right now if you are watching this and trying to get your first 1000 subscribers, that means you are new relatively on youtube

Apply youtube tips and tricks so you can learn how to do better on youtube so you can quickly get the 1000 subscribers and watch time you need to join the partner program.