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breaking down Russia's military invasion gen keane|newsyel

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine

breaking down Russia's military invasion gen keane

It is three in the morning in Kiev as the city is under attack for the campaign.

How is Russia attacked on the Internet?

Well militarily so far, I give them intelligence, which means that you cannot win a war without a will, and they certainly show, uh, a real determination to stand firm, and I will mean that they are facing, uh, capabilities and equipment that certainly surpass them, but they are there determined and fighting as hard as they can and your heart goes out to them and looks at what is really happening here,

They are fighting for their families and they are fighting for their way of life and they are fighting for their future woah and we pray for them and usually there are tensions between countries there was tension between one nation because they decided to elect their leader and turned to the west instead of the east this is their sin am I cynical , Let's make one map that I wanted to look at to give people an idea of ​​what's going on inside that country and we have arrows coming from four sides

Maybe you can bring us through a year where this attack is and where this attack comes from and why Well he made him take a lot of things off the map so we can focus on the scale of this campaign the Russians, to my much surprise, chose the most ambitious and complex campaign plan to bring down this country and if I looked at those four hours, these are the approaches that the land and sea forces are taking to enter the country's navies from the south down there where you see the green of the Crimea and the forces of the land assault some of them are there too,

They start in the north where Kiev sees that northern hour around 12 am and then you go around to the right these are all approaches to the traditional heavy earth power and what's interesting about this is that they do it simultaneously which means every one of them has to have a support their own air to provide preliminary fires for ground forces to make progress and then every one of them because they are hundreds of miles apart has the right to have integrated logistical support, so this is very complicated,

I guess the reason though I obviously didn't talk to them to choose this ambitious, complex campaign plan is because they wanted the country to collapse quickly, so let's do all four avenues near-simultaneous approach,

That is the goal with the main effort certainly made but what has happened as a result is that there is not a single major population center in the hands of the Russians after three days of fighting and four nights of the air campaign The fifth night is the second night that their self-managed air campaign is something ineffective which is Surprisingly given the advanced capabilities they have and the match they have of the Ukrainians' ability to defend what I'm talking about, the Ukrainian planes flying over the Russians have not shut down and control the airspace they are still in.

air defense systems

The air defense systems that the Ukrainians are shooting directly at Russian planes after all this time gives you a comparison the US would have probably shot down their air defense systems and a lot of opposing air forces on the first night and the third is the third thing and it also happens that they lost operational momentum and you know our journalists The experts we are by the way,

We're doing some great reporting here and it's happened, they lost operational momentum because the Ukrainian resistance definitely equalizes why this is happening but the second thing is that they've had logistical problems and you're working pauses when you don't have fuel when you don't have ammunition,

Where soldiers can't have much food can fight long without food but they need water and they need fuel and they need ammunition and then the last thing that puzzles me is that the Russians have a free offensive electronic capability that competes with the United States, that's how awesome they are second in the world in This is the case, but in all the big cities,

The power and water are turned on Not only is Putin and his cyber team they didn't turn them off the internet, they didn't shut it down, so the international broadcasting is going on, the communication systems are working properly and the internet is on and what the world is hearing the world hears the Ukrainian novel by the minute by the hour and today is a message what's happening to the people Ukraine corrects its steadfastness and positivity and also the suffering that has occurred in the whole world is controlled by all of that and Putin has not closed it, it is really amazing,

I just realized we're having it fast but if you're Vladimir Putin and you're that reclusive, do you start to panic, I don't know the guy too well to make a judgment about it, but I think he knows, the longer this takes, the worse it gets for him, so I guess That the option that should accelerate this is the option that they were resisting, which is the destruction of these cities, as they did in the past in Chechnya in the year 2000 and what they did in Syria,

Yes with the sheer brutal carpet bombing that option is still there to make this thing go faster, and I think it's limiting because for all obvious reasons, it's already become an international pariah for doing so,

This would definitely add fuel to this fire gen, it was great, thank you for helping me this is the time we need your expertise, thank you again, thank you, thank you, Sean Hannity, click here to subscribe to the fox news page On YouTube and catch the hottest interviews and the most compelling analyzes you won't get anywhere else.