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Ukraine braces for wider war whith Russia | newsyel

Ukraine braces for wider war whith Russia

Ukraine braces for wider war whith Russia | newsyel

Sirens rise in Donetsk, the Ukrainian president wears his military uniform, shield and helmet and prepares for a war nightmare .

Ukrainian women are trained in shootings and clashes, and US President Joe Biden knows of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but he will not call Putin, according to him..Children dreams stand at the doors of their schools, hundreds of thousands are fleeing their homes, all of this is a simple announcement to start a dangerous disaster.

The bombardment continues uninterruptedly on the separatist areas.

As for the President of the separatist Donetsk Republic, he announces the mobilization, and says: Whoever can bear arms, join us, as we are in the most serious situation so far, and the situation is that Russia is mobilizing military forces of weapons, equipment and soldiers on the Ukrainian borders,,, America and Europe confronted it by sending reinforcements to Ukraine, and at a time when Biden came out announcing it explicitly, that Putin would invade Ukraine.

Putin responded and accused the West of not being serious about the lack of security guarantees.. It is the first time that Russia has made a direct threat (either you agree On our demands or war is an easy option for us) and Moscow adds: Our forces are now considered withdrawn, as they are within our lands and within our borders, and no one in the world has any authority over Russia, as long as its forces are within the borders of its territories.

The Americans assert that Russia wants to invade Ukraine, and that it is mobilizing for that A long time ago, the evidence is what happened in the Crimea 7 years ago when it was forcibly annexed to Moscow, and the Russians say that America wants Ukraine to invade the separatist areas, which means that Washington is pushing Ukraine into a war against Russia.

All this and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis still needs results for the proposed diplomatic solutions, which are still weak and have not yet emerged, .

All opinions and reports say that war is closer than peace, despite everyone's rejection of this idea of war

ho will the situation be durin the next few days?

Putting the Kiev government) Warm applause for Ukraine at the Munich Security Conference.

The Ukrainian president was not convinced of Western support, and said: (The West said they would implement sanctions against Russia if it invaded, so what are you waiting for, we do not need sanctions after the invasion, part of our country will be occupied And our economy will be destroyed,) .

will the situation be durin the next few days? ( ..Amidst veiled criticism from Kiev of some Western countries that stand in the way of their accession to NATO , Zelensky described his country's position as "neither with Europe nor with Russia) and demanded Ukraine's Foreign Minister to impose part of the sanctions prepared against Russia to stop them now.

Kiev is in an unenviable position, as it considers that Western support is not enough to deter Russia and America saying that its forces are defensive and not offensive, so that the Ukrainian president must hold a meeting with Putin, to find out his requests.

Position of border residents) Dozens of houses It was damaged in the border villages, and the population is spending a hard time there, and the gas and electricity are cut off from the houses, and people sleep their nights in the freezing cold, and their words say (stop the war, we can’t live like this) while some prefer to hide in the basements for fear of the continuous bombing, rejecting We leave their homes and possessions, which means everything to them.

The residents say, “ Where should we go, and if we all leave , who will receive us,

did we spend our lives here for nothing?

Doesn’t this portend a humanitarian catastrophe if war breaks out in that The regions?... Here, the demonstrations took place in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, to denounce Russia's hostile actions, and call for a necessary unity of all partners.

The government is asking for confrontation or surrender, this city is one of the cities that started sending volunteers to the front.

They are asking the West not to succumb to Russia ’s claims that it does not want war. Russia has been fighting them for 8 years because it basically rejects democracy.

Washington of the Security Council supervised by Joe Biden, and the session will discuss (information obtained by Washington that Putin has ordered the start of a large-scale attack scope on Ukraine) and US Secretary of State Blinken confirms that Russia is on the cusp of invading Ukraine, indicating President Joe Biden’s readiness to speak with the Russian President at any time and in any format, and hinting that America will complete the preparation of a huge package of sanctions against Russia if it invades Ukraine.

Amid concern Who is extending the Russian-Belarusian maneuvers... So does the crisis stop there, or does Russia have another opinion.