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What do you know about the United Kingdom (Britain). newsyel

What do you know about the United Kingdom (Britain). newsyel
What do you know about the United Kingdom (Britain). newsyel

The geographical location of Britain

Britain, or - as they claim - Great Britain: is an island located off the northwest coast of the European continent, surrounded by the North Sea from the east, the Atlantic Ocean from the north and northwest, the Irish Sea from the west, the English Channel from the south, the Celtic Sea and the ocean Atlantic from the southwest.

Sections of the state of Britain

England, which occupies the largest part of the island, which is the southern part.

Scotland, which occupies the entire northern part of the island.

Wales, which is the smallest country on this island, as it occupies part of its southwestern part.

space British country

In terms of area, the British island is the largest island in Europe, the ninth largest island in the world, and the third largest island in the world in terms of population. The British island is surrounded by many other large and small islands, and many archipelagos, and archipelagos are the plural of archipelago, a term given to the islands that are close and contiguous.

The island of Britain and its three countries, in addition to Northern Ireland, form a federation called (the United Kingdom), or in English (United Kingdom), and its abbreviation: (UK). It may sometimes be limited to calling this union (Britain), considering that the British island constitutes an area of ​​more than three quarters of the area of ​​this union. In the sequel to this article, we will confine ourselves to naming this union (Britain).

Britain's system of government

Britain is a sovereign country, and its system is a parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy, currently chaired by Queen Elizabeth II. Its central government is located in the capital London, where England and its capital London is the center of this union, and there are local governments in every capital of the other countries joining this union, there is a local government in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, a government in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and a government in Belfast The capital of Northern Ireland.

Britain's population

Britain's population exceeds the most recent statistics of 63 million, and there are more than 50 million of the in England, making England the most populous country in the United Kingdom.

The official language in Britain

The official language in Britain is English, and the population speaks English with multiple dialects that vary in different regions, and there are also some other recognized local languages.

The official religion in Britain

The official religion in Britain is Christianity, with adherents making up 71% of the population. There are also other religious minorities in it, including Muslims, Jews, Hindus and others.

Britain's economic situation

Britain is a developed country in various fields. It is economically advanced, as its economy ranks sixth in the world in terms of GDP, and it is a member of many international organizations and groups, such as: the World Trade Organization, the Group of Seven major industrial countries, the Organization of Twenty, and the Organization of Eight. . And Britain is militarily advanced, with its army considered one of the most powerful in the world, and it is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is also advanced in science and technology, healthcare, and infrastructure.
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