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guinrank tool explained |newsyel

Guinrank tool explained 2022

guinrank tool explained |newsyel

About the guinrank tool

GuinRank Tool is the best AI article writing tool with 8 most powerful tools GuinRank Tool also provides free and paid plans The GuinRank Tool is one of the most important seo tools to raise your site's ranking, improve appearance on search pages, and improve the article in search engines, and thus lead Google results; The Gene Rank tool helps you analyze competitors' content and write understandable articles for Google's AI.

What is the guinrank tool?

Gene Rank is the most powerful Arab tool for writing an article with artificial intelligence in order to improve the site’s seo, and also enables you to improve the article in search engines, and thus release Google results, and provides many plans, including; Free and paid. Here, we will explain to you the highest paid plan in the GeneRank tool, which is the (Annual Corporate Plan).

The Gene Rank tool contains two main sections, the Content Tools tool and the Ideas Tools tool, and each of them is subdivided into a group of tools. So that each section includes 4 tools, we will separate each tool in the following paragraphs.

But first we will enter the GuinRank tool through its link from here and the login window will appear; Fill in the required information as follows:

We will put in the first field the email with which the account was opened.

In the second field we put the password.

Then we click on the small box next to the phrase “I am not a bot.”

Then we click on “sign in”.

Content Tools in GuinRank

We use the “Content Tools” tool when writing content with artificial intelligence on the generank tool to improve the article in search engines. This tool includes four tools that are primarily related to content; They are as follows:

Keyword Analyzer

The Keyword Analyzer tool is the first step in writing content on the Gene Rank tool, which is used to analyze the keyword to be used, which makes it easier for you to generate Google results. Below we will explain the role of each section in this tool:

search box 

The search box includes a set of tabs to obtain an accurate analysis, and they are as follows:

No. 1 In the Gene Rank we will choose the target country for the main phrase used.

We will place the key phrase we want to analyze and search for, as in (2).

To be selected if you are targeting computers, as in (3). Use if you are targeting mobile phones, as in (4) The language in which you will write the article is chosen, as in (5).

After completing all the previous data for the main phrase, we click on the search sign, see (6) After completing the search process, the analysis page for the target keyword will appear.

Topic Competition section

This tab in the Gene Rank tool to find out how difficult and easy the target word is on the Gene Rank, and gives a very accurate sum; Because it depends on the strength of competition in the content, it is one of the following: Easy: Here the competition for the target word is easy, and it does not need a backlink to top the search results.

This is when the competition is moderate, but you may need some backlinks to top the search results. Hard: In this case, the competition for the target word will be difficult, which requires you to use many high-quality backlinks; To top in this keyword.

Standard Score Section

It is a summary based on the analysis of the first ten results, and it shows the highest score obtained in this word; As can be seen in the picture (47.32). It also shows the minimum score with the lowest score (07).

SERP Scores section of Gene Rank Tool

It is to find out more and more accurate details about the score of the competing articles. But in this tab, the score of the first 20 results from the top of the Google results is displayed; So you know more about the score of those articles. Below you will find the names of the competing sites.

Search Activity section

It is a graph showing the search activity (number of times you searched) for the target word during the day of each month. Below, it shows the average searches for the month; As in the illustration for example: (Activity Score: ~45).

Top Searching Countries section

Here are most of the countries that search for this keyword. Where we will find in the example illustrated on the Jenny Rank tool that the state of Morocco has the highest search rate for this word, followed by the search rate in the state of Egypt.

classification section

Here, through the tool's analysis of the keyword, it shows you the classifications to which this word belongs. The example used here is “Profit from Tik Tok”, as it belongs to the category wadvertising and “marketing”.

It is the section for synonyms related to the keyword, which you can use in the article to get a high score and improve the article in search engines, as you have to pay attention to the first 10 suggested words to rank in the Google results. It includes the following tabs:

Title tab: You can choose the words that fit in the article title. The Gene Rank tool gives you choices if you want a group of words with one syllable, two syllables, three syllables, and even six syllables only.

Description Tab: Its synonyms are used in order to form useful sentences that fit the description of the article. Like the title tab, you'll find more than one section of suggested synonyms, up to only six.

Synonyms tab: Another set of synonyms is also suggested, which can be mentioned aptly in the article.

PASF Tab: It is an acronym for People Also Searched For, that is, the main phrases that people are also searching for and related to that target word. It just mentions to you the top 6 key phrases that visitors are searching for. They can be used as subheadings within the article.

Sentiments tab: It gives you a set of synonyms; Either single words or a group of phrases. You can use them in your article to improve the article in search engines or in other separate articles related to the target word.

Google SERP analysis section

Here, we will find an analysis of the first 20 results that topped the search results in the target country, and the following is an explanation of each tab in this section, as is clear in the image:

It shows the average number of words your article should have for the target word; As in Picture No. (1). Images: when you click the button next to it, the featured article image appears next to each link in the list below; See No. (2). Score: This field shows the percentage of the total score for each article; See No. (3). Words: Indicates the word count for each article analyzed for competitors; See No. (4). Focus: Shows how many times the keyword is mentioned in the article; See No. (5). URL: if the keyword is mentioned in the article link or not; See No. (6).

Average: Title: It refers to the key phrase in the title of the article; See No. (7). Desc: also means the keyword is in the article description; See No. (8).

Tool Content Optimizer

We will explain this section of the tool in the Gene Rank tool in three stages, and they are as follows:

Project creation stage When you enter the Content Optimizer tool, this interface will appear, click on New project.

Another window will appear for us, we will put in the (Name project) field the name of the project, then we will press (Create).

Then another window will appear, in which we will click on the (New article) tab. Then we fill in the data on the next page, and they are in order as follows:

We put in box (1) the title of the article. and box (2) in which we place the link to the published article; In case you want to improve your article on the tool. This is optional. In box (3) we will put the keyword; Which was first searched in Keyword Analyzer. Then we click on (Create).

Finally, the article name will appear as in the image, we click on it; So we move on to the next stage.

The stage of fetching and analyzing the article You can fetch and analyze any published article directly on the tool; To find out the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor's content. Or to modify it and improve the article in search engines, and make it a unique article to rank in Google results, just follow the following steps:

Click on the pin at the top of the page. We put in the (Link) field the link of the article to be fetched and analyzed, then press (Fetch). After that, the entire article appears, we press (Analyze) or (Spacebar) from the keyboard on any empty area in the article; So the analysis shows us.

The stage of writing a new article And if you want to write a new article on the GuinRank editor page, you will find in the following image an illustration of the GuinRank editor interface. And you can use the toolbar to format your article. You can also use the microphone icon #1, which is the audio to text converter, instead of using the keyboard. All you have to do is tap the microphone; A message (Speak Now) appears, then place the cursor inside the editor and start speaking to be converted into written text. After completion, you can modify and coordinate.

In box No. (2) in Gene Rank you will find the number of words for the article, in box (3) the number of article letters, and in box (4) the length of time for reading the article. While you can change the night mode to daytime, by pressing the crescent icon No. (5).

After writing the article, we click on the (Analyze) tab; to analyze the article. In the right column, we will see the analysis of the article, which we will explain in order as follows:

crowns tool 
It gives you one-syllable words, which you should use in your article. Pay attention to the first 10 words, and next to them you will find an asterisk. In the row below these tools, you will find the quality of use of the words suggested in the article as follows: (Not found) icon: when you click on it in the gene rank, it will show you the words that were not used in the article. Some of which you can use to improve your article score.

(Low): It shows the words used in the article in a small percentage. Good icon: shows the words that are used well in the article, which is required to achieve the tool's goal of good quality content. Overused field: Words that are mentioned excessively and should be minimized and alternatives used; Until the quality of those words reaches the (Good) box.

Keyword tags tool 
It shows us words that have more than one syllable, which can also be used. It gives you ideas for how to put words into useful sentences that you can include in the essay.

Keyword Tracking Tool
 This tool is for keyword tracking, where you can put some other keywords that you want to mention in the article. It helps you if you want to control more than one target word in the article to top Google results. You will type the first keyword into the Gene Rank and press (Add), then repeat the same process if you want to enter more than one keyword. At the bottom, you will see their analysis and the percentage of their quality in the article, as in the following image.

Questions Tool 
Not available with Arabic keywords yet. But with English keywords, it gives you 4 questions that you can build your article on by answering those questions.

Category Tool 
To use it, you must first click on the (Analyze) icon in the Gene Rank editor, it shows how well the AI ​​knows the classification of the keyword used. The first taxonomy mentioned should be closely related to the target word taxonomy. Where we will find in the following image that artificial intelligence has identified the appropriate classification of the keyword used. It matches the classification that the tool assigned to this word when it was analyzed with the Keyword Analyzer tool, as we explained above.

Ranking Predictor Tool 
It is also specific to artificial intelligence, and how well it knows the keyword. This tool predicts the words with which you can rank in Google and top the Google results.

Concept Tool 
The Concept widget is not currently available in the tool, but it will be available with upcoming updates in the Gene Run widget.

Page Analyzer in GuinRank 

It is for analyzing links on guinrank, the interface of the tool will appear as in the following image. All you have to do is put the link to the article you want to analyze, then click on (Analyze). After that, a page will appear for you, where you can learn about all the features in the pages and articles of your competitors, as well as the keywords that it targets. On this page you will find the following on guinRank:

Page size, and the size of the codes used on it. And the photos in the article are prominent and interior. Also the date of publication and modification. And internal and external links as well as Meta tags As well as the headers used in the article and the words Strong and all available details.

Comparing Pages Tool in GuinRank

This tool is similar to Gene Rank's previous link analysis tool, but previously it only gave you one link analysis result. The Comparing Pages tool shows you a detailed comparison to analyze more than one link together at the same time. You can extract the result of analyzing a maximum of 5 links together. It makes it easier for you to analyze your competitors' articles on the same keyword; So that you know their weaknesses and strengths in the outline of the article, and then you can improve the article in the search engines. Once you click on the Comparing Pages tool in the Gene Rank, the interface will appear to you as in the image, you will put the group of links you want to analyze, and then click on (Analyze). Now you will go to the analysis page for the set of links you put in Gene Rank (here in the explanation I only put 3 links for analysis). The following set of tabs appeared:

Titles tab: It displays the article titles used by each site. Descriptions section: Shows you the description of the article used on the sites entered in the Gene Rank. Heading tab: It is a detailed display as a comparison of all the headings in the article at the three sites. Where we note in the first table an overview of the number of each type of header in each article, then the details come at the bottom.

Questions field: It shows the questions that were mentioned in each article. Links Tab: It is all the links mentioned in the article, whether internal or external. If you want to display the external links in the gene rank, click on (External), and to view the internal links, click on (Internal).

Ideas Tools in GuinRank

 As for this tool, it is the second part of guinrank and it is used to extract ideas for new search phrases, and it is divided into 4 tools.

Keyword Generator

 It is a tool dedicated to extracting words related to the target keyword, by which Gene Rank suggests a group of many words related to the word you want to write about. Either you use them in your article or write other articles about them; With the goal of controlling your keyword. We put the keyword, choose the language, and then press search. We will find that a group of keywords appears; Consists of 2 to 6 syllables.

This tool shows you an online map of the keyword, but it must be searched only in English. You will notice in the image that it extracted 49 results in the form of questions related to the searched word.

MicroNiche Finder

 publishes google results MicroNiche Finder This tool you can use if you want to create a specialized website (MicroNiche). It shows you what people are searching for in the specific field of the blog, and provides it to you in the form of a set of questions; So start writing articles about them on your site. It is worth noting that the search for this tool is on the Gene Rank tool in English only; You can translate to get more ideas.

Today's Fresh Keywords Finder

 How do I get higher in Google results? Today's Fresh Keywords Finder In Gene Rank, this tool is similar to Google Trends, and is used by writers interested in writing trends. In order to know the words that the public is searching for in a specific country on this day. If you are interested in writing in the fast news and Google trends, the tool on guinrank provides you with the most searched words. It also recommends other related words for you that give you ideas to write about topics that bring you a lot of visits, and make it easier for you to publish Google results.

The GuinRank Tool for writing content with artificial intelligence contains the 8 most powerful tools to improve the article in search engines, and improve the seo of your site through the use of the GuinRank tool, which we provided to you in detail and images to lead the search results in Google.