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Skin tightening surgery 2022

Skin tightening surgery

Skin tightening surgery 2022

Body lift surgery or body aesthetic surgery, is a surgical procedure during which the surgeon removes the loose excess skin resulting from losing a lot of weight.

Body lift includes a variety of procedures that are generally divided into special operations for the lower body, buttocks, abdomen, lower back, pelvis, thighs, and upper body tightening, such as the upper arm, upper limb, neck and face.

It should be noted that a body lift is not a way to lose or lose weight. To get rid of extra weight you need to do other things like bariatric surgery. Body lift should be done at least one year after obesity surgery.

Arm skin tightening

Tightening operations are one of the most required operations in order to modify body deformities caused by flabbiness. The most important reason for this is that patients do not want to spend their lives in this condition, and the successful results achieved through plastic surgery. In the process of determining the features of the body, it is necessary to consider all areas of the body as one integrated area and to take the rate of each of them into account. Otherwise, we will not be able to reach a satisfactory result.

If the degree of sagging is not high in the arm, and the patient does not think about surgery, is young and has fears that the effect will remain, then with only one session, arm lift can be achieved without surgery by applying Thermi Tight, and therefore arm lift treatment is done without surgery. ThermiRf is a radiofrequency thermal injection process under the skin.

In the Thermi Tight application, the sagging area of ​​the arm is numbed by local anesthesia. After that, a very thin tip is inserted under the skin through which radio waves are pumped to raise the temperature of the area. Whether it is by a thermometer at the tip of the head or by a thermal camera, the temperature is measured inside and outside to enable control and also to provide effective treatment. Arm aesthetics without surgery is done in one session. The results of arm lift without surgery begin to appear in the first week and appear at their best after three months. Treatment is a lifelong treatment.

Skin tightening neck

Neck lift surgery is used to tighten the neck skin only. Neck lift surgery is rarely performed without a face lift except in rare and exceptional cases. Removing the skin from the neck without removing the extra skin from the neck and face is impossible.

 A neck lift is somewhat of a part of facelift surgery as it involves tightening the muscles and skin of the face and neck. If a surgeon tells you that he is able to perform this operation alone, we advise you to consult another surgeon in order to be satisfied with the results. The results of a good surgery are more satisfactory than a repeat operation. 

With age, people look old and tired despite the high internal energy. One of the biggest demands we face is that people want a look that matches their inner energy. Most patients want to look young and cheerful in the face and jaw.

Some want to remove sagging cheeks. Others want to remove smile lines around the mouth. Many also want to get rid of puffiness in the chin and neck. All of them can read the information in this section.

Facial skin tightening can have the greatest impact on an individual's appearance and is resorted to to maintain the state of youth and hide the effects of aging and aging.

 It is believed that more women are doing more plastic surgery, but men are also increasingly doing it to remove frown lines and look younger in the places where they work, because they believe that their appearance should be a reflection of their inner energy. When people search for plastic surgery, they focus on one aspect of their face, and seldom pay attention to the whole appearance.

Skin tightening machine

The Thermage body tightening device consists of a control unit and a handle that the doctor uses on the area to be treated. The device works with radio waves technology that is emitted from the handle and reaches the inner layers of the skin to heat it. This heating stimulates the cells of this layer to produce new collagen, which is the protein necessary to give the skin the necessary support to appear healthy and tight.

The device is displayed on various marketing sites with an average value of about $14,000.

The device is equipped with a wide range of energy levels to overcome the body's increased resistance to waves. The device gives you the ability to control the depth you want to deliver the waves to in a focused manner, in order to be able to treat different areas of the body that vary in skin thickness, and also to facilitate different uses.

The most important advantages of the device is that you can use several units, each of which uses a different technology to treat multiple problems, there are radio waves technology, ultrasound technology and other techniques to solve different problems such as the accumulation of fat (body sculpting), cellulite, or skin rejuvenation and certainly the problem of sagging and wrinkles .

Skin tightening cost

The cost varies according to a number of factors, the most important of which are: the area in which the sagging skin tightening procedure is performed, the volume of sagging skin, the effort and the technique used in the procedure. tummy tuck surgery cost 
Tummy tuck 6500$ 
Arm lift 4100$ 
Thigh lift 5000$ 
Breast lift 4600$

Skin tightening for stomach
Methods of treating sagging after a natural gastric sleeve Many resort to gastric sleeve surgery; Because of its speed and ease, it may lead to many flabbiness in the skin, which is normal as a result of losing excess weight, but it causes pain and an annoying appearance, so we will review in the following a group of natural ways to scare those sagging:

Reduce sun exposure The time of exposure to the sun should be reduced, as the sun’s rays cause dryness of the skin and affect its elasticity, and sitting in swimming pools should be limited, because the chlorine in swimming pools damages the skin and causes dehydration.

Rub the sagging area with salt One of the ways to treat sagging after a gastric sleeve is rubbing the skin with salt, as it increases blood flow and increases the elasticity of the skin, which works to tighten the skin and reduce sagging after the sleeve gastrectomy.

 Sea salt, or any type of salt, can be used and rubbed into the skin while showering.

Drink more water and eat vegetables and fruits Drinking water and eating vegetables and fruits in abundance maintains the moisture and elasticity of the skin, as the elasticity of the skin reduces the appearance of sagging after the sleeve gastrectomy.

exercise Exercise that builds or tightens muscles can reduce sagging skin